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The Farm

An agricultural operation in Northeast Knox County. Specializing in row crops like Corn and Soybeans, we sell our high-quality harvest through local elevators. Experience the rich heritage, sustainable practices, and authentic connection to agriculture. Join us as we grow, diversify, and cultivate a profound appreciation for the land at Frakers Grove Farm.

Frakers Grove

About Us

Welcome to Frakers Grove Farm, an agricultural operation located in Northeast Knox County. Our farm specializes in row crops, with a primary focus on Corn and Soybeans. We take pride in selling our high-quality harvest through local elevators, which allows us to connect with grain markets along the Illinois River. Over time, our farm has expanded to provide a broader range of agricultural experiences.

Originally a regular family-owned farm, since then, our unwavering commitment to quality has been the driving force behind our operations. In addition to row crops, we have diversified our ventures to include egg production from our laying flock. While the production of Duroc Pigs has been temporarily paused in 2023, this decision was made to prepare the pasture for our beef cows and create a fenced-in wooded area that will facilitate a rotational grazing system for the pigs.

Throughout its history, Frakers Grove Farm has honored its rich heritage and significance. The farm’s location holds historical value, once being home to a Potawatomi Village. Subsequently, it became the settlement of Michael Fraker, the first permanent resident in northeastern Knox County. A historical marker situated on the south side of IL Route 17 commemorates this important legacy, recognizing Michael Fraker’s role in negotiating a peaceful settlement with the indigenous people. His final resting place is situated approximately half a mile south of the marker.

In the 1980s, our family acquired Frakers Grove Farm while residing in the Chicagoland area. With strong roots in the Galva area and a deep farming heritage, which included ownership of three other farms in the area, we recognized the potential of this land as an opportunity to expand our operations. While my parents did not directly engage in farming, they maintained a close connection to the agricultural community. Initially, they opted for sharecropping arrangements with local farmers, jointly investing in inputs and receiving a portion of the yield. In the early 2000s, my parents transitioned to a straight cash rent arrangement, which allowed them to manage the risks associated with farming as they approached retirement.

In 2013, I assumed an active role in managing the farm properties. Immersed in the renovation and modernization of the farmhouse, I found solace and purpose in the surroundings. Each visit deepened my love and appreciation for the land, igniting a passion for farming within me.

A turning point arrived in 2016 when I approached both my family and our land tenant about taking a more hands-on role in the farm’s operations. This marked a new chapter for Frakers Grove Farm, as I progressively invested my time and efforts into the day-to-day activities of our row cropping business.

As our journey continued, we expanded our offerings to meet the needs of our community. In 2020, we established a chicken coop that provides fresh eggs to local residents. Although we temporarily paused the production of Duroc Pigs in 2023 to focus on enhancing our infrastructure, we remain committed to reintroducing this aspect in the near future. Our plans involve the development of a dedicated pasture and a fenced-in wooded area, creating an ideal environment for implementing a rotational grazing system for the pigs and cattle.

We invite you to join us as we pursue growth, diversification, and a profound appreciation for the land we call Frakers Grove Farm. Experience the natural beauty, witness our sustainable practices, and forge an authentic connection to the agricultural heritage that defines our farm.

The Steward of Frakers Grove

I was born in Decatur, IL, and raised in the Chicago suburbs in the 80’s. My childhood was filled with outdoor adventures, gardening with my mom, and being part of various community programs like the YMCA and Boy Scouts. Despite struggling with allergies, I developed a deep love for nature and camping. Trips to farms with my dad created lasting memories. However, as I grew older, my connection to the farms diminished, and I followed what I believed was the expected path in life.

In 1998, I embarked on a career in IT, gaining valuable life lessons through my work at companies like UPS, IBM, and Sears. I even had a brief period as a co-owner of a small IT consulting business. However, like many professionals in the IT field, I started to experience burnout and yearned for a more fulfilling existence.

The rekindling of my connection with the farms came about during dinner conversations with my parents. As they entered their later years, along with accompanying health issues, they faced difficulties in staying connected to the farms and managing issues that came up. These discussions reignited a small flicker of passion within me. 

Reintroducing myself to the area and reconnecting with the tenants who were farming our land, I started renovating one of the houses on the farms. Initially, the goal was to rent it out. However, with each visit, my bond with the area deepened, igniting a desire for personal growth. It wasn’t long before we experienced the loss of one of our land tenants, which sparked an idea. With the support of my parents and the partnership of one of our tenants, Ted, I made a life-altering decision—to embrace my dream of farming and living on the land. This choice set me on a transformative journey that continues to shape my life.

Currently, I manage the family’s farms under the name Frakers Grove Farm, operating as a tenant for my family. This encompasses four distinct farms in the vicinity. While I still maintain a corporate job, I am fortunate to work for a company that values work/life balance, allowing me to balance the responsibilities of both the farm and my IT career. I devote my energy to tending the farm, expanding its offerings, and relishing the joys that farming brings.

Ted, a long-term tenant and mentor, played a crucial role in shaping my current position. His guidance and wisdom have been invaluable. Farming has become the central focus of my life, and overseeing approximately 600 acres of our family-owned properties brings me great satisfaction and purpose.

Although I aspire to farm full-time in the future, my current path reflects determination, a modest connection to the land, and the pursuit of a fulfilling life. While managing the farms and working in IT, I cherish the wonders of rural life and strive to maintain a work/life balance. I am grateful to work for a company that values this balance.

Through my commitment to farming and sharing the joys of rural living, I invite others to experience the tranquility of nature, explore the farm’s offerings, and rediscover the beauty of rural life. By pursuing my lifelong pursuit of purpose and contentment, I hope to inspire and connect with like-minded individuals.

Becoming the steward of Frakers Grove Farm has been an immensely fulfilling endeavor for me. It has allowed me to reconnect with my roots, embrace my passion for farming, and find purpose and contentment. As I continue on this transformative journey, I am dedicated to sharing the wonders of rural life with others and savoring the tranquility of nature.